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The Energy Psychology Therapy offers, through this web page, a list of web sites that are related to Energy Psychology or Psychology in general as an informational resource for its visitors. They are not endorsed by and the quality of listed sites might vary.

Power Of Mind - Private Online Counselling
Power of Mind is a private online counselling service that helps individuals of all ages, of any culture and of any status to be helped, guided and supported through counselling. Power of Mind gives individuals a chance to gain counselling through the means of technology by being able to chat to a qualified counsellor through using the internet directly.

Ofear Phobia Forum
Ofear Phobia Support forum is a caring online community of people from all over the world discussing and giving advice for all aspects of phobias and other related disorders in a relaxed friendly atmosphere

Agoraphobia Treatment
BeOnForm - The UK's foremost Complementary and Alternative Medicine provider and Training Company. We specialise in personal therapy - preventing panic attacks, agoraphobia, obsessions & anxiety treatment.

Online Counseling with Licensed Internet Counselors at Ask The Internet Therapist
Online Counseling for family, individuals and groups by experienced, licensed counselors for mental health and other health issues. Chat, email, and video online counseling and phone counseling. Hypnosis tapes and CDs, mental health educational videos, and self-improvement books. Self-help and mental health articles.

Hypnosis tapes and Hypnosis CDs
Hypnosis tapes and hypnosis CDs for weight loss, quit smoking, sleeping problems, increase self-esteem, pain relief, phobias, skill improvement. Our hypnosis scripts inside each of the hypnosis CDs and hypnosis tapes have been designed specifically to treat each of the mental health issues listed at, who also offers educational videos and DVDs, self-improvement books.

Self Improvement Online- The Most Complete Guide to Self Improvement and Self Help on the web
Self Improvement Online is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Network. It is designed to be an organized directory referencing information in other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

New Day Counseling
New Day Counseling is a professional counseling center with a number of licensed therapists who do couples and marriage counseling as well as counseling for anger and depression.

ACT Professional Marriage Counseling
International telephone counseling for marriage and relationship problems. Also for depression, abuse, domestic violence, trauma and anxiety. 1-866-877-9770 and 604-272-5211.




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